Board Members Code of Conduct



In the interest of ensuring that ABH remains effective, open and accountable in its operations, board members need to demonstrate the highest standards of integrity and leadership at all times. 

    1. Board members have a legal and ethical responsibility to act with honesty and due care and in the best interest of ABH and the people it services.  
    2. Board members are required to abide by the Constitution.

This policy applies to members of the Board.


Constitution of Australia Bringing Hope Incorporated.

    1. On joining the Board, members will be given a copy of the Constitution.
    2. Board members will:
    3. Act with honesty and due caution and be willing to consider professional advice on any matter in which they do not have expertise.
    4. Make decisions concerning ABH and its assets in the best interest of current and future stakeholders, in accordance with the objects of ABH’s Constitution.
    5. Hold themselves accountable to the organisation’s stakeholders for the decisions they make and for their own performance and the performance of the organisation.
    6. Board members are to treat all stakeholders fairly and in non discriminatory manner.
    7. Not act in a manner that may damage or undermine the reputation of ABH or other organisations, and not take part in any activity which is in conflict with ABH’s objects.
    8. Not benefit financially or materially for themselves, or their families and friends, from their Board membership.
    9. Not use their Board membership status to gain a personal advantage from any other organisation.
    10. Make decisions as a body and take joint responsibility for those decisions, including decisions to authorise one member or a small group of members to speak or take action on behalf of the organisation.
    11. Disclose any possible, current or future conflict of interest in any given situation in a board meeting.
    12. Ensure that ABH complies with all of its legal obligations. Ensure that ABH complies with all of its legal obligations.
    13. The board recognises the responsibility of the individual as well as the organisation in promoting a culture of child safety. ABH upholds the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (1989), Article 19, which states “State Parties shall protect the child from all forms of physical and mental violence, injury or abuse, neglect, maltreatment or exploitation, including sexual abuse.”
    14. ABH does not support terrorism in any way.

Board members are responsible for observing the provisions of this Code of Conduct at all times.